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Advanced search is divided into two main parts, and one or more groups in each of the main parts. The main parts are the "Search for" (including) and the "Remove from search" (excluding) part. (The excluding part might not be visible until you hit "NOT" for the first time.)
You can add new groups to both the including and the excluding part by using the buttons "OR" or "NOT" respectively, and you can add more search options to all groups through the drop down menu on the last row (in each group).

For a result to be included in the search result, is it required to fit all added including parameters (in at least one group) and not fit all parameters in one of the excluding groups.
This system with the two main parts and their groups makes it possible to combine two (or more) distinct searches into one search result, while being flexible in removing results from the final list.
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Here you can limit your search further, your result list will only contain those who match all of the criteria that you fill out in this part (combined with the advanced search from above)
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      Publishing year
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      • University of Arts, Crafts and Design
      • Department of Crafts (KHV)
      • Ceramics & Glass
      • Textiles
      • Ädellab (Jewellery and Corpus)
      • Department of Design, Interior Architecture and Visual Communication (DIV)
      • Graphic Design & Illustration
      • Industrial Design
      • Interior Architecture & Furniture Design
      • Department of Fine Art
      • Department of Visual Arts and Sloyd Education
      • Institutionen för Bildpedagogik (BI) (Closed down 2015-07-01)
      • Interdisciplinary Studies (IS) (Closed down 2010-06-30)
      • The Department of Design, Crafts and Art (DKK) (Closed down 2015-12-31)
      • Ceramics & Glass (Closed down 2015-12-31)
      • Experience Design (Closed down 2015-12-31)
      • Graphic Design & Illustration (Closed down 2015-12-31)
      • Industrial design (Closed down 2015-12-31)
      • Interior Architecture & Furniture Design (Closed down 2015-12-31)
      • Textiles (Closed down 2015-12-31)
      • Ädellab/Metal (Closed down 2015-12-31)
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      Subject / course
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      Educational program
      • -
      • Ädellab/Metal (Bachelor)
      • Ädellab (Bachelor) (Closed down 2021-09-01)
      • Ämneslärarprogrammet med inriktning mot arbete i gymnasieskolan - Bild och design
      • Ämneslärarprogrammet med inriktning mot arbete i gymnasieskolan - Bild och media
      • Art in the Public Realm (Fine Art, Master)
      • Bachelor's Degree programmes
      • Bildlärarutbildning, inriktning Design (Closed down 2003-06-01)
      • Bildlärarutbildning, inriktning Konst (Closed down 2003-06-01)
      • Bildlärarutbildning, inriktning Media (Closed down 2003-06-01)
      • Bildpedagogik med inriktning mot bild, 61-80 p. (Magister) (Closed down 1999-06-01)
      • Bildpedagogik med inriktning mot konst, media och design, 41-60 p (Closed down 2000-06-01)
      • Ceramics & Glass (Bachelor)
      • Ceramics & Glass (Master)
      • CRAFT! - Ädellab (Master) (Closed down 2021-09-01)
      • CRAFT! - Ceramics and Glass (Master)
      • CRAFT! Jewellery and Corpus
      • CRAFT! - Textiles (Master)
      • Design Ecologies (Master)
      • Design - Individual Study Plan in Design (Master)
      • Design - Spatial Design (Master)
      • Experience Design (Master)
      • Fine Art (Bachelor)
      • Fine art (Master)
      • Fördjupningskurs i bildpedagogik, 41-60p (Kandidat), Allmän inriktning (Closed down 2007-06-01)
      • Fördjupningskurs i bildpedagogik, 61-80p (Magister), Allmän inriktning
      • Fördjupningskurs i bildpedagogik, 61-80 p (Magister), Konstnärlig inriktning (Closed down 2005-06-01)
      • Förkortad lärarutbildning, 60 p (Closed down 2003-06-01)
      • Formgiving Intelligence (Industrial Design, Master)
      • Fortsättningskurs i pedagogik med inriktning mot bild, 21-40 poäng (Closed down 1997-06-01)
      • Gestaltande forskningsprocesser
      • Graphic design & Illustration (Bachelor)
      • Grundskollärarutbildning, inriktning Design (Closed down 2004-06-01)
      • Grundskollärarutbildning, inriktning Konst (Closed down 2004-06-01)
      • Grundskollärarutbildning, inriktning Media (Closed down 2004-06-01)
      • Industrial Design (Bachelor)
      • InSpace (Interior Architecture & Furniture Design, Master)
      • Interior Architecture & Furniture Design (Bachelor)
      • Jewellery + Corpus (Ädellab/Metal, Master)
      • Jewellery and Corpus: Ädellab (Bachelor)
      • Kandidatkurs i bildpedagogik (C, 61-90 hp)
      • Kurser för yrkesverksamma
      • Lärarutbildning
      • Lärarutbildning - Design
      • Lärarutbildning - Media
      • Lärarutbildning med konstnärlig inriktning, bild och visuell kultur - Konst
      • Magisterkurs i bildpedagogik (D, 91-120 hp)
      • Master's Degree programmes
      • Påbyggnadskurser i pedagogik med inriktning mot bild, 41-60 p (Closed down 1995-06-01)
      • Påbyggnadsutbildning i bildpedagogik, konstnärlig inriktning, 61-80 p
      • Självständigt arbete för magisterexamen i bildpedagogik (30hp)
      • Storytelling (Graphic Design & Illustration, Master)
      • Teacher Education Programme for Secondary School
      • Textile (Bachelor)
      • Textile in the Expanded Field (Textile, Master)
      • Visual Communication (Master)
      • Visual Culture and Learning - Visual Arts Education (Master)
      • Visual Culture and Learning - Visual Arts Education NoVA (Master)
      • WIRE - Critical Writing and Curatorial Practice (Closed down 2010-05-31)
    • And
    • And
      Thesis level
      • -
      • Independent thesis Basic level (university diploma)
      • Independent thesis Basic level (degree of Bachelor)
      • Independent thesis Basic level (professional degree)
      • Independent thesis Advanced level (degree of Master (One Year))
      • Independent thesis Advanced level (degree of Master (Two Years))
      • Independent thesis Advanced level (professional degree)
      • Student paper first term
      • Student paper second term
      • Student paper other
      • Independent thesis Basic level (Higher Education Diploma (Fine Arts))
      • Independent thesis Basic level (degree of Bachelor of Fine Arts)
      • Independent thesis Advanced level (degree of Master of Fine Arts (One Year))
      • Independent thesis Advanced level (degree of Master of Fine Arts (Two Years))
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      Artistic work
      • -
      • Artistic works only
      • Exclude artistic work
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      External cooperation
      • -
      • External cooperation only
      • Exclude external cooperation
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